Laser Spine Surgery


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Laser devices have been available for use in spine surgery for many years. However, it is not until recently through the process of improved instruments and techniques that laser use has become more realistic. Laser is a device that generates a very narrow, intense, and highly concentrated beam of light. When combined with current minimally invasive techniques, laser technology gives us yet another tool to effectively treat spine related conditions.

Laser devices can be used with endoscopic or minimally invasive tools to ablate disc herniations in order to alleviate nerve related leg pain, seal the outer layer of the disc to prevent recurrent problems with the spine, and to ablate the facet joints of the spine to alleviate back pain. In addition, laser devices are now being used in minimally invasive fusion procedures to facilitate spinal decompression.

The Spine Center at the Bone and Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge has always taken pride in being on the cutting edge of minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. We have employed minimally invasive techniques such as percutaneous fusions, endoscopic discectomies, rhizotomies, and other surgeries for many years. Additionally, we have continued to train in and develop the latest procedures in minimally invasive spine surgeries.

Spinal laser devices are still relatively rare and are found only in a small number of cities throughout the United States. The Spine Hospital of Louisiana recently became the only facility within 1500 miles of Baton Rouge to own and operate a laser device for the use in spinal surgery.  We are now able to utilize this technology to facilitate minimally invasive spine procedures. This allows further advancements of these techniques and offers Baton Rouge and Louisiana technology that was previously not available in this region.

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